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I was also scared of the ESI, and my orthopedic doc. would not use anything either, so I wouldn't do it. My new doctor who works at a pain management clinic talked me into getting one, and also used a light sedative, and I was drowsy for a little while after, but it really helped me relax.

Either way.. just remember that it is an injection, and it will be over really fast.

I can relate to your fear. I had a cervical epidural injection 11 days ago. I was really scared that something bad would happen, but it didn't. I am one of the biggest worriers on the planet, and if there is something to worry about, I will worry. Even if there isn't anything to worry about, I will worry. My doctor did use a light sedation and from start to finish the entire process took 12 minutes. I felt no pain at all. I wasn't drowsy or loopy, just relaxed. The procedure was pretty simple for me. I don't know how I would do without the sedation though.

Unfortunately, I have had no result whatsoever from this injection. I did have some tenderness at the injection site for about a day and a half but other than that, it's back to the same old pain as usual. It looks like a second injection is in my future, and I am not looking forward to that. Let the worrying begin again.

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Please let us know how you make out.
Some encouraging words given to me, thanks. My biggest fear of the whole thing is how much pain I am going to be in during this injection?
I have a phobia of needles anyway. No matter how scared or nervous they will not be giving me anything because I am on w/c.
I think we would run a close race in who is the biggest worrier, I worry about every little thing too. My husband gets so upset with me.
The hours are counting down till I go in tomorrow and the closer it gets the more angrier I get and take it out on those around me, just because of my fear. My kids have tried to calm me, my husband but nothing works. I am already angry over the fact that after my surgery 4 yrs ago and bad experience that now here I am again. Your whole world gets turned upside down.
Everyone thanks, oh and I do ask that please please please if anyone did feel a great deal of pain do not tell me, I only want to hear the good responses as I will be terrified if I do hear bad. Just looking for good positive feed back during the procedure. I can handle any pain afterwards its just with that needle thing in me is the problem.
I made it thru the epidural, still if I have to do it again I will still be in the same fear. The dr and staff were wonderful, talked me thru it. I felt the iniitial sting of the numbing. Not bad, then I did feel the pressure and that scared me as I kept waiting for something real painful to happen. My arms went all cold and tingling. My body would not stop shaking. Did not sleep at all last night, could not find a comfortable position. Today I am very sore and have a bad headache. Soreness at sight of injection and pain going between shoulder blades down my back. Very uncomfortable. They told me it may take 7 days to take effect if at all as they said my condition was bad.
Thank you all for your support.


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