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Hi, I'm brand new to this and hope I do it right! I have never posted anywhere on the internet before. I am hoping someone will be kind enough to advise me. I have been having neck pain, (burning, shocks) and also weakness in my arms and legs with partial numbness for a couple of years. I recently had an MRI and am hoping someone can help me decifer it and am hoping to talk to someone with similar problems. The neurologist I went to has referred me to a neurosurgeon in Nashville, saying if I don't have surgery I could end up paralized and that I have myelopathy, whatever that is, and need surgery. I don't know if this is true or maybe that he was just trying to get me to see someone about my problem. I did tell him I have been putting off going to any doctor cause I don't have the time to be down for any reason. I am 43, a mother and grandmother and former law enforcement and very busy! The real reason I even went to a dr. was because I have problems holding things without dropping them and it is getting aggrivating especially when painting my house or cooking. Anyway here are a couple of lines of my MRI that my doctor had underlined:
"At the C4-C5 level there is a mild broad based posterior ostephyte/protrusion complex with mild impingement on the ventral thecal sac. The neural foramina are widely patent. At the C5-C6 & C6-C7 levels there are broad based posterior central herniations. There is significant impingement on the ventral spinal cord with compression. The neural foramina are patent at this level. At the C6-C7 level there is also a large posterior broad based central herniation with moderate impingement on the ventral thecal sac. The neural foramina are patent at this level." I hope I have not gone on too long for someone to respond! I almost feel stupid even leaving a post when so many people are way worse off than me. I am just curious about the meaning of the MRI and am wondering if I should go to the neurosurgeon and have surgery like my neurologist said or if I should continue adapting like I have been doing for a couple of years now. Thanks in advance to anyone who took the time to listen to my long winded post and takes the time to reply! :wave:

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