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[QUOTE=jaspebbles]Hi All

I'll try to make this as short as possible.

I am a 34yr old male. I've been suffering with migraine type headaches in back of eye sockets, neck stiffness (constant cracking), shoulder pain on both sides and muscle knotting in shoulders for last 6 yrs. I had no accident or injury which caused this.

Just started to get the headaches then the rest. woke up one morning and neck cracked. No probs prior this time.

Had lots of physio, nurofen (nsaid),now tramal (pain reliever). tramal stops headaches but not rest.

Had ct scan and now mri and have a few questions:

mri stated:

mild degenerative disc desease is appreciated at c4-5 and c6-7

my mri conclusion was:

1. Congenital fusing at c5-6 (no acident, must be from birth)
2. Disc desiccation at c4-5 and c6-7 with minor posterior central disc bulging at c4-5 and a small broad based left postero-lateral disc protrusion at c6-7 mildy comprimising the lateral recess, equivocal for compression on the exiting left c7 nerve root. ( the mri also stated earlier that the postero-lateral protrusion mildly indents the anterior thecal sac and contacts but does not displace the exiting left c7 nerve root)

my questions are:

1. what does all this mean in lamens terms?

2. could this cause the headaches, and shoulder muscle spasms then knotting, and neck cracking.

my orthopedic neck specialist basically advised that there was not much that could be done. he mentioned facet injections but believes that they would provide little assistance for me along with disc fusing above and below the c5-6 that would also not be preffered.

any help is much appreciated and again i apologise for the "short" version being so long. i actually have my history of treatment etc on my computer and it is 10 pages long.

cheers from melbourne, australia

Hi, I hope this helps...........
1. CONGENTIAL is from birth
2.yes to all. the disc desicciation is causing the "cracking" noises. It is bone on bone from the disc's being dehydrated. The minor central disc bulge at c4-5 that is compressing the c7 nerve root and the small left disc protrusion at c6-7 and DDD would definetely cause the shoulder muscle spasms and knotting. I have the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not heard anything about 'eye socket pain" except for problems at the first level of the cervical spine. I agree with the above repsonse and would ask for a brain mri. It could also be a sinus problem. But to rule out anything serious I would have the test. By any chance are you on topomax??? That can cause eye pain along with other meds.
3. get and EMG test done.
4. Ice packs to reduce inflammation
5. deep tissue muscle massages for the c-spine
6. see a pain management doctor.
I wish you luck and hope you are feeling better soon.

laminectomy L4-5 2/2001
ACDF C5-6-7 10/2002
MYELOGRAM diag: severe stenosis c6-7
Posterior foraminotomy C6-7 6/ 2003
staph infection at c6-7 7/2003
revision ACDF c5-6-7 with new ACDF c4-5 fEB.2004

still in pain
meds: duragesic 25micro/ oxycodone/valium/topamax

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