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Hi - i was hoping you would update again.

The first time they did C4-6 with plate, 17 months later took out my plating and added C6-7 and a new smaller plate, thus fusing the 3rd level with the other two.

To make it short as possible, originally I started with center/right CHEST PAIN, about three weeks of testing (heart, gall bladder, shoulder) and clean bill of health, I woke up one night in unbearable pain and had to go to emergency room. Right sided, horrible - radicular pain from nerve root compression from osteophytes (bone spurs), a herniated disc at C4-5 and a congenitally narrow canal being compromised by the bone spurs at those levels. The pain was at these sites (back blade, shoulder, top of arm, outside of arm down to the elbow, burning forearm, painful wrist, and middle of hand, with a little numbness at tip of middle finger. I had pretty constant stabbing and burning pain. I did all the routine, drugs, rest, injections for 7 months, finally had to do surgery. I couldn't continue with my career like that.

I actually got better after surgery , felt like a new person and was terrific at 3 months post-op and that lasted for 6 months. Then I started up with symptoms again. Same symptoms on right, but then it started on the left side, in addition adding a little cramping/freezing up in the arm and hands and that led me to surgery #2.

I don't have movement in my neck, my fusions are solid, even the most recent one is almost filled in. I do have remaining stenosis to worry about and general degenerative discs. I guess I am lucky (LOL), I am growing bone like wild. BUT that's my problem, I am growing new bone spurs and ridges as well.

In general , my blade, shoulder, arm, hand, pain is more controlled than prior to surgeries, but it can be set off very badly by normal life activities, much less adding work. My chest is hurting again, and under my armpit. Stabbing pain in right, about breast high, deep in the chest and sometimes in center. Under my armpit, closet to the side of my chest and down the side to below bra line, a strong muscle ache. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]I am interested to hear you describe your chest pain - and locations. [/COLOR]

I am facing a 3rd surgery, this time to open up more space with a posterior laminectomy(sp), but surgeons and I agree no more surgery until we exhaust more PT, all more tests that are available to help decide (hence the myleogram, etc.) and time.

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