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Hi Kathy,while you could very well have some sort of an issue going on in the c spine area,right now,from what you have described(by the way,this is a major major reoccuring issue for me as well)this definitely sounds like some real good inflammation of those muscles going on.the key is finding the thing i have had done like five times now is the trigger point injections?these really work well most times to actually dissapate at least some of the tightness and relax all of those really wadded up muscles back PM does this for me.he just injects mostly at the base of my skull then works his way down thru the neck and under the shoulder blade.i always get a good wad of muscle globbed up under that shoulder blade.these really DO help alot for me.i have some big issues going on within my c spine so this just keeps going away and coming back all the time.

i do think maybe getting an MRI would be a good idea tho just to see whats up in there.tho the inflammation could be stemming from the other back issues you have going on,i would be willing to bet that you do have some sort of 'problem" somewhere within the c spine,most likely lower if this includes the shoulder blade as c spine,like everything else in my body these days is slowly deteriorating.i do have DDD pretty heavy in the upper spine.but if you need good pain relief,quite honestly the TP injections(out of everything else i have tried for these)really did do the best job.i wish ya luck Kathy,keep me posted on what you find out,K?marcia

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