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Dr. Reuter was in network with my insurance as well. It was also a cheap flight on Southwest, and I have family in the Lake Worth area (10-15 minutes from West Palm Beach), so I had a free place to stay.

The staff has been great and very accessible...

Dr. Reuter recommended a DISCOGRAM, that for them pinpointed if my pain was DISC related or SPUR related. The discogram determined in their opinion that my pain was DISC related, so I went ahead and had the surgery. Had it been spur related I don't think they could have done their procedure.

In my case, they recommended I come down and see Dr. Reuter on a Tuesday, have the discogram on a Wednesday, and then if necessary have the surgery on Friday. They preferred that I stay in town one week for follow up, but they let me leave on the Wednesday following surgery. We had a two year old staying w/Grandma back here in TN.

I am 5 weeks TODAY post surgery. I had to wear a semi hard neck brace for the first 3 weeks. After that I had to wear a soft cervical collar anytime I was in the car for 3 weeks. BUt I am already allowed to drive.

I'll be honest and say I'm not 100% absolutely completely better yet. I do still have some stiffness and soreness in my neck. But I think that is from the physical therapy and the fact that I am no longer relying on the brace to support my head.

I also still have mild arm pain, but nowhere near what I felt pre surgery. Dr Reuter's staff have told me that the arm pain should continue to subside- that when the nerves have been compressed for as long as mine have that it's going to take some time before the pain is completely gone.

I wish I was a couple months post op and completely pain free so that I could more emphatically recommend Dr. Reuter. What I can recommend- especially if he's in network and you have the $$$ to travel- is that you explore the option before you cave into fusion.

I also contacted Laser Spine, as well as Micro Spine, Dr. Jho in PA, Dr. Schiffer in San Fran, Dr. Theofilos in West Palm Beach and Carolina Neurosurgical Assoc in Charlotte. In most cases the facility didn't take insurance AT ALL. So you'd be out of pocket your out of network benefits PLUS any amount over reasonable and customary. Plus travel expenses.

Laser Spine does have some financing options, but even at that they were way out of my price range. Dr. Jho had a 2-3 month waiting period. Micro Spine, Dr. Schiffer and Dr. Theofilos didn't take insurance. Carolina Neuro took my insurance but didn't feel they could help my specific case...

Again, best of luck.

BW (I grew up 5 minutes from the last metro stop on the orange line off of 66 in Vienna)

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