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ICC - They don't think that the shoulder pain is coming from the Cspine? This seems to me like almost a no-brainer... Unless you know for sure that the shoulder joint is messed up, your pain is likely nerve pain from the Cspine. I'm no doctor, I'll say that upfront, but do a search on these boards for shoulder and you'll see lots of folks who have severe shoulder pain. Especailly with myelopathy -- this might be radicular pain..

How annoying for you. I'm so sorry... Your facial pain/numbness is likely due to the Cspine issues too... I get numb tingling lips all of the time. I"m sorry you are WC - I know that is awful. Years and years ago, I used to work as a paralegal for WC patients - I know how hard it is for you to get the treatment you need.

Are you seeing a neurologist? A neurologist might not want the WC to spend the money on a shoulder doc when the pain is radicular in nature. Not to scare you or confuse you any further, but just a thought. I hope it works out and you get the tratement you need. Have you tried Lyrica, Neurontin, Topamax, etc yet? Sometimes those help quite a bit with the nerve pain and if it is not the shoulder joint, it might help with that pain too.
Hey ICC, i DO feel for ya.geez c spine/shoulder pain,ya think MAYBE there IS a connection??duh.some docs just kill me with there unbelievable level of total ignorance.for YEARS i was told that my under the shoulder blade pain was in NO WAY comming from the wonderful little cavernoma inside of my spinal cord.two neurosurgeons told me,no way,it was not cav is/was at the c 8 nerve the time i finally got to the office of the head of neurosurgery at the university of MN,i was like ready to make that final leap over the freeway overpass down the street.honestly,if not that,what the hell was it?this NS was my true savior.honestly,one of the first things that came out of his mouth was YES,my cav was probably the key trigger for this hidious prying/pressure type of pain i was having,and he not only told me,he showed me how this was possible with a little drawing he made for me showing me just how the nerves actually run below the vertebrae.honestly,i was never so happy to hear 'bad' news.

finding a very knowledgable and experienced NS is really the biggest thing.the ironic thing was one of my NSs that i had seen before,and who did my c spine surgeries,was actually taught by this NS,he had gone to the U of M for med school.i think he must have either missed that particular lecture on how the nerves run or partied too much the night before and slept thru it.

if anyone takes the time to actually see how the nerves actually run thru the c spine,they pretty much totally innervate the entire shoulder area and the entire upper back,not to mention the ones that run down from the head and loop back up into it at the c 8 junction.HELLOOOO??

because of the mess i now have at my c 8 from the cavernoma resection surgery,my head/face,legs feet c spine and a huge area where the tracts and other nerves that were damaged run,i literally have some level affectation from head to foot.kind of that domino effect?

my facial stuff,the tingling and the off and on numbness will just come and go when it wants to,like right now,the tip of my nose is tingling,wasn't there like ten minutes ago.i do have some sort of loss of a level of sensory at my upper lip area as well and really am not sure if this is loss of prioperception(which i have in certain areas,mostly my legs)but i cannot tell whether my mouth is open or closed when i am not actually looking at it or touch it with my tongue.wierd,really.just one of my many 'gifts" from the nerve and tract damage that is all stemming from my c spine and not my aneurysm in my brain.yes,we have had fun lately.god i hate docs,really.espescially the ones that are just never ever wrong in their Dx and are not willing to own up to mistakes of any kind.yea,you ARE human just like the rest of us.

i am off my box now,sorry to ramble.just slap me please.marcia

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