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good morning all------my spine specialist tells me the numbness and tingling in the face is from the brain though the last time i saw him he wasnted to see the MRI of my brain. hospital that did it messed me up since it was ordered with/without gadolinium and they only did without. now i have to go back and have it done with. i wake most mornings with the right side of my face and lips feeling as if i was in the dentists chair all night. numbness that turns to pins and needles. no PT no injections have been done on my neck so far since i also have an impinged shoulder, tarsal tunnel and tendonitis in my ankle, buckling rt knee and 4 bluges in my lumbar. all the same injury.

MRI cervical spine:
3 bulged disks
pinched nerve at the C7
large bone spurs between the C5-6 and C6-7 indenting the spinal cord
possible early myelopathy
stenosis at different levels

EMG done 3 weeks post injury. neuro states it was done too soon. shows nothing but the pinched nerve at C7.

i am starting to think i am crazy but know sincce this is all a WC case they will put me through hell before they fix anything. i have cervial headaches almost everyday. right up the back of my skull. pains in my ear on the side of the shoulder impingement. i am seeing a shoulder surgeon in a couple of weeks and since i just got my first injection in my ankle will see the specialist within a month for that also. in the menatime i am starting aquatic therapy since the ortho's don't believe i can do anything else. hopefully we can fix my ankle and hsoulder and then concentrate on my neck. the bulges in my lumbar have been there since 1999, flare up once in awhile but i have learned to live with htem. best to all.:wave:

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