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I am a 30 yr old mum of three under the age of 5. I have suffered with headaches and migraines for 20 yrs and a constant headache for 15 yrs (it never goes away). I also get excruiating pain in my neck at times and I take naprosyn for it. It helps sometimes with the neck pain but not the headache.I have had an MRI for my back and neck. I do have degenerated discs with bulges in the lower back, a few in the thoracic spine. I will tell you the results of the cervical spine.

There is mild kyphosis at the C3/C4 and C4/C5. There is minor posterior annular bulging at the C3/C4 and C4/C5 indenting the thecal sac. There is no sagnificant cord compression.
The neurosurgeon wrote that I have mild spondylotic disease.
My questions is this. I know it could be possible but do you guys think that this could be the cause of my headaches also. I fell from a tree at around the age of 14-15 and landed on my bottom, winding myself badly.

I also can get at times a tingling at the end left side of my nose, a little dizzy at times and a sharp pain that runs from the left back of neck to the back of my ear and then shoots up the the top left side of my head. This doesn't happen all the time. I know that my problems don't compare to a lot of your back issues.

My lubur spine has moderate degeneration of the L4/L5. There is moderate broad base central disc protrusion causing mild compression of the thecal sac. This demonstrates mild caudal overhang. The is moderate facet joint hypertrophy.

At the L5/S1 there is moderate degeneration of theintervertabral discs. There is right moderate central disc protrusion. This is narrowing the right lateral recess and causing mild displacement of the proximal right S1 nerve root. The is mild facet joint hypertrophy.

I was booked in the have a discectomy 2 yrs ago but I cancelled. I was scared that it would end up worse. My headaches are so bad that I would risks certain things for it to go away.
I am booked in to see a pain management Dr for my head and neck pain. Dou you guys know what he will do or give me considering I have tried all meds apart from pain killers. Only codeine based drugs for the past few years with a few narco injections. I have seen the public pain management team and they told me that everything that they would tell me to try I have tried. There was a Dr, physio and psycologist.
Forgot to mention I also get a cracking sound in my neck when I move it, kind of grating.
Thanks for reading.

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