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Just had my 3month post-op (C5-C6 ACDFw/hardware/severe spinal cord compression) appt. on Monday and we looked at the X-ray which just showed one big block of bone...mine and the dead man's fused together into one living organism...I still can't get my mind around how freaky that is..I still have some residual neurological issues...numbness in my left hand/fingers..numbness on the bottom of my left foot...and a bit in my left chest cavity...I also have been doing physical therapy for about a month...and was retested on Wed...and have showed marked improvement in all major muscle groups which is positive (my right tricep was decimated) sensation has improved everywhere except my pinky/ring finger on my left hand...I like these quantitative tests because they show me objectively whether or not I am making progress...often times when people ask me if I am doing any better it is difficult for me to assess given my own subjectivity...I still have a bit of the L'hermitte's sign which I won't define (my definition was "removed" from another thread despite the proper citation given...which is customary in academia but problematic on the board...nevertheless I apologize for my infraction and will refrain in the future from any such references)...I also have a bit of hyperflexia still...But on the whole things are improving...The OS said if I was in the NFL he would clear me to play tonight...well we don't have to worry about that...but I might try to hit a golf ball this weekend and see how that goes...I am nervous but overwhelmed with joy that I can actually do SOMETHING after my summer of discontent...I am in no way the man I was before April 14th (injury date) but I am willing to accept what has happened and search for the "new normal"...HTF

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