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Puparoo, well, I have a mild herniated disk, C-3, C-4, not pinching anything, no arthritis, spinal cord normal, so why the facial tingling? I;m really starting to loose my mind. The doc thinks that this is from migraines, even though I'm not getting the headache with it. He wants me to start taking Topomax, and see if these bug crawling sensations go away. I'm kinda thinking now its muscular, like you said, TMJ. All I know, I'm really loosing it, but happy that its nothing serious, maybe I'm one of the 5% that MS doesn't show on MRI. My ear is hurting today, it hasn't hurt since she gave me those trigger point injections last Wed. Well, just thought I'd let you know, this is where I stand now. Take care, hope everything went well with your appt today!!!!:wave:

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