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Hello everyone, I have had migraines for 8 years, the facial tingling started 6 years ago, I have shoulder and neck pain, ear and lower teeth pain. The leg tingling only occurs when I sit down, have had this for 4 years. Don't have my MRI of cervical back yet, should know something Monday. I have had dizziness in the past, ringing in the ears. My big concern is, could all this be coming from my neck? And if yes, what could the damage be? stenosis, DDD, herniated disk, or what? I have been worried about MS, the tech wouldn't tell me anything when I asked him, the reason I asked was after the MRI he wanted to know what side of neck was the worst. I knew then that he could see something. When I asked about MS lesions, he just said I wouldn't do anything to wrench your neck hard until you see the doc on Monday. Now at this point I'm scared, does that mean its pretty serious? Could I be paralyzed from whatever is going on? I'm pretty freaked out about now. I can't imagine what it could be. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
Hi Jenny, the techs legally cannot give any information, just like nurses and Physicians assistants can't diagnose you, etc. And how paralegals cannot give legal advice...

Even though they see what's going on and probably know what it is, they don't have the medical information and education or credentials to diagnose you and can be held liable for any type of diagnosis, advice, etc. i.e, he could lose his job.

Sounds like he tipped you off (from your previous posts) to something going on in your neck, ie, no wrenching of the neck, roller coaster rides, etc. Could it be stenosis, DDD, arthritis, cord compression, herniations? Sure, it 'could' be... but you won't know for sure until you get the report and a doc to interpret the results.

Will it paralyze you? Well, you don't know what is going on yet, so you shouldn't jump ahead of yourself. You're still walking around right now... so don't jump to terrible conclusions. If it gets to that point, a surgery might be in your future to prevent that.

Stenosis, etc., won't kill you and will be unlikely to paralyze you. Most of us on the board have this type of thing going on. I"m getting on okay.... Sorry to sound callous, but you shouldn't worry yourself to oblivion until you know what is going on. IT could be something as simple as a herniation that is causing your pain!! Even something much worse can be fixed or modified to cause you less pain/worry/future symptoms.

As far as lesions, etc.. don't worry about that.. really. You sound like you have some cervical issues going on. Lesions can be as simple as scarring from migraines.. and of course, nobody has told you that you have this yet, have they? If not, please don't jump to worrisome conclusions until you talk to your doc.

And honestly, I had a pretty bad case of herniations, cord compression, stenosis, etc. and I got my results, same day, on a friday. The worse it is, the quicker you'll get your results in most cases. Hopefully you find out what is going on and get a nice treatment plan to fix it or make it better!

Keep us posted!!!!!
OOOH, I hate missing those docs calls. It's like 'good luck ever getting a hold of them' after that! Just keep calling til you get a hold of him/her.

Well, Jenny, "Nothing serious" very likely rules out your major worries like MS, lesions, stuff like that. So you should be HAPPY. And "Nothing Serious" probably rules out cord compression and stuff like that. YOu may have a bulging disc or discs up there causing you pain. That is kind of serious, depending on what's going on... Maybe a herniation? Who knows.. but if your doc said Nothing serious, then hopefully he/she is correct.

Ear pain. I saw a couple others responding to your posts saying that herniated discs, etc. can cause that. And I can see why. However, personally, from your headaches and other symptoms, I immediately think a TMJ disorder or something in your jaw going on along with possibly your neck... honestly. I hope that you have nothing going on with your neck.

I have the same thing. I also have arthritis in both of my jaw joints that cause ear pain/stuffiness and headaches. Although that pain is minor compared to what my neck / compression/ herniations cause. I can telll the difference between the two types of pain. I've had the jaw disorder for many years.

Well, keep us posted. I noticed you did not post by this morning with your update and I was wondering what was going on!

Good luck!

Hi Jenny, I'm glad you don't have anything worse. The topomax will help your headaches (I hope). It helped mine, but it does have some side effects, including tingling of the extremities for a while (so don't freak if your hands and feet tingle for a few weeks after taking it), it does go away eventually, and weight loss. Woo hoo! That was great for me, cuz I needed it.

I have jaw issues and nobody can tell me whether they are related to the herniations or not. But now that you know that you have no compression, etc. you can probably move forward with your PT plan, or even get an ESI to get the swelling of the disc down a little bit. That might help calm the headahces. Remember, the jaw misalignment can cause problems with ears, pain behind the ears, around the jaw, swallowing (muscular issues), etc.

Have you had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap)to check for MS proteins? My doc says they rely on MRI + puncture to find MS, etc.

My doctors appointment went horrible. Thanks for asking. They think my pain is all in my head and that my cord compression cannot possibly be causing the problems that I have.. which let me tell you, is quite depressing. They prescribed me Cymbalta! and put me on my way... Yes, my neurosurgeon. At one point he seemed really good, now he seems to not want to deal with me at all.

Well, Jenny, I'm glad your neck is not serious. Hopefully you get to them bottom of this! Thinking of you!


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