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I cannot believe how narrow minded some doctors are!!! That is so frustrating. I was made to feel like I was crazy too, and I really started wondering if I was. Funny how fast they break out the antidepressants, but make you feel like your some druggy if you ask for pain meds. I would find a new family doc. a.s.a.p, and push them to order an MRI. I found an awesome family doc, and he had just barely opened his office, so he wasn’t very busy yet, and actually spent a lot more time with me then a busy established office would’ve. I would just let them know that you are having the same type symptoms that you had before you had your ACDF. I had gone to so many different docs, and they diagnosed me from anything to Tortocolis, chronis sinus pressure/pain, sprained neck to chronic headaches.

I still remember when they finally ordered my first MRI after 3 years of all kinds of pain and suffering, and I walked into my family doc’s (at that time), office unable to even turn my head. I asked this itchy….. ahum… nurse if I could please get something for the pain, while tears were rolling down my face, and she (real coldly) told me: [I]“sorry I can’t do anything for you until we get the results”[/I]. I never ever ever went back to that clinic. I finally have a good family doc, neurologist, and a great physical therapist, and they all work together. I just recently got all my records from the last 3 years and everything in those records from all the different doctors that I went to, noted that I had left cervical pain, arm pain, burning, numbness. It is mindblowing that not one of them thought that just maybe one of my discs might be damaged.

Keep fighting!!! I have learned that I am usually pretty much right about what I think is going on with my body.

Take care, and hang in there.

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