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Hi to Everyone,

Thanks to all very much for offering advice and empathy to others. This is such a selfless act that others in life should follow.

I recently had an MRI of the Lumbar due to radiating pain and numbness that started in my lower back, down my butt and around to the anterior of my thigh and stopped at the knee. It eventually become bilateral to the thighs but also have some numbness and tingling of left arm and fingers. The Mri read as such:

"Fatty mass located at the right lateral asect of the conus that slightly displaced the conus to the left and distorts portions of the cauda equina. The signal intensity of the lesion suggests that it is composed mainly of fat, however, there is some heterogeneity of the lesion without appreciable enhancement. Diagnostic considerations would include a dermoid or a lipoma. An epidermoid would be considered less likely." Lumbar discogenic disease, predominantly confined to the L4-L4 and L5-S1 levels. There is mild central canal stenosis and bilateral foraminal stenosis at these levels."

I know in talking to the radiologist that "it appears" the mass is like a lipoma. I am very aware of Cauda Equina Syndrome. What I don't know can symptoms of Cauda Equina come on slowly? My current symptoms are as follows, intermittent low back pain particularly with long periods of standing/walking, off and on pain/numbness uni or bilateral from lower back thru butt and around to anterior thighs stops at knees. I always feel a heaviness in my butt area like my bones are going thru the bottom of my butt or (this is gross) my anus is weighted down. At times it feels like a entire heaviness in the pelvic floor. I at times have inguinal pain as well. The pain does diminish when lying down, never goes completly away. I have no problems with urinary or bowel incontinence. Also, the numbness and tingling of left arm and hand remain.

I do have an appt. with neurologist on the 16th. Family practice doc has recommended Epidural injectios for pain but I will refrain from that just yet only because I do want to know what I am feeling until I see neurologist.

I guess I am just asking for input from anyone who would like to respond. It just seems there is very little info. regarding a mass/tumor of the spinal cord at this area (cauda equina).

Thank you for caring.

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