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it is amazing to me that in almost of these post I see where patients have been shuffled from Doctor to Doctor especially women. The lady with the flattening of the cord to the point spinal fluid flow was impeded could have easily suffered permanent spinal cord damage.

[[COLOR="Sienna"]removed[/COLOR]]seems patients with back and neck problems often get the shuffle routine because there are so many people who do fake this pain. And we read all the time of people who have a little accident and wear a cervical collar the doctors call these soft cervical collars , dollar collars! So when we come in to see them with REAL problems they tend to be cynical at first!

Anyway I was injured in 1998 cord was twisted and the cervical vertabrae shifted so I had immediate cord compression and a hurry up surgery even with that I was left with permanent cord damage and the pain that goes with it My thoracic spine is not doing so well now, there is antral flattening of the cord at T11-12 and also in the top 4 thoracic levels. I don't want to have surgery on the thoracic I'm doing all the pain management and physical therapy hoping I can avoid any more surgery.
Seems there is an awful lot of people who share the same symptoms and pain I've had since 1998
I had surgery on the 19th of April and was finally released on 29 May. I have been in physical therapy since. At first i could not do anything weak legs arms ans such. Now almost 6 months later I can walk assisted (cane) but am still weak. I have recently found a new theripist i feel is more knowledgable. I am now building strength and doing hydrotherapy 3 times a week each. I had a partial laminectomt C3-C6 levels and creation of bilateral lamina gutters and C5-C6 foraminotomy. I still have spatisity, tingling in my hands and feet. The muscles feel stronger due to therapy but the nerves seem slow to repair. I know we are each our own but can anyone tell me how long recovery was for them Oh i am 53 YO male very active and this is killing me to do very little.:angel:

MRI that made me decide to have the surgery:eek:
Posterior significant protrusion associated with osteophytic formation of the disc C3-C4, C4-C5 and C5-C6 narrowing severely the spinal canal (AP measurement C3-C4:8inm; C4-C5: 6mm; C5-C6: 5mm) and narrowing corresponding neural foraminas more at the level of right C5-C6, compressing and flattening the spinal cord.
Post-surgical fusion of C6-C7 vertebral bodies.
There is evidence of mild edema in the spinal cord at the level of C5-C6.
No other obvious abnormality detected.
Each doc seems to have a different opinion on how the compression affects a patient.

How irritating to have one that says "Nope, your "this and that" symptoms have nothing to do with your neck" It makes me want to scream sometimes. And honestly, it makes me nervous and paranoid.

I have one doc telling me, you have benign fasiculation syndrome, another telling me I have essential tremor. And they are all neurologists. HELLO... COULD THIS BE MY 'SPINAL CORD COMPRESSION, MAYBE??" HOW ABOUT ALL OF THE STENOSIS AND SPURS IN MY NECK RUBBING AND FLATTENING MY CORD, HMMM?"

"No, Cheryl, no way, it is not. Let's put you on Tremadone and any other medication known to man to treat you for something ELSE"...

Sounds like I need, yet another, doctor. Don't know how I'll ever get time off for surgery seeing as how I seem to take off so much for visits with new doctors each week. Thankfully my surgeons seem to believe me, but the neuros think I'm crazy.

Oh well, on with it, I guess.

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