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I had surgery on the 19th of April and was finally released on 29 May. I have been in physical therapy since. At first i could not do anything weak legs arms ans such. Now almost 6 months later I can walk assisted (cane) but am still weak. I have recently found a new theripist i feel is more knowledgable. I am now building strength and doing hydrotherapy 3 times a week each. I had a partial laminectomt C3-C6 levels and creation of bilateral lamina gutters and C5-C6 foraminotomy. I still have spatisity, tingling in my hands and feet. The muscles feel stronger due to therapy but the nerves seem slow to repair. I know we are each our own but can anyone tell me how long recovery was for them Oh i am 53 YO male very active and this is killing me to do very little.:angel:

MRI that made me decide to have the surgery:eek:
Posterior significant protrusion associated with osteophytic formation of the disc C3-C4, C4-C5 and C5-C6 narrowing severely the spinal canal (AP measurement C3-C4:8inm; C4-C5: 6mm; C5-C6: 5mm) and narrowing corresponding neural foraminas more at the level of right C5-C6, compressing and flattening the spinal cord.
Post-surgical fusion of C6-C7 vertebral bodies.
There is evidence of mild edema in the spinal cord at the level of C5-C6.
No other obvious abnormality detected.

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