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Hi All,

I'm beginning to wonder if I was overly optimistic about the ultimate outcome of my surgery seven weeks ago? I had acdf C-4-5-6 done with the cage and bmp with titatinum plate. The surgery was a success according to the NS, no complications, etc. but the muscle spasms are killing me.

I had severe spinal cord stenois at three levels for over ten years so I sort of wondered if I'd ever realize a reduction in pain anyway. I don't know why, but my NS did not do C6-7 yet, said maybe later but there is cord impingment there as well.

Anyway, though the surgery went as good as possible I have not received a reduction in pain at all. All of my pain prior to surgery for the past twenty years has been related to severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and it's still here!

I have done and tried everything available to me to break the spasm cycle like Tens unit , shiatsu, hot cold packs, rest, ROM, stretching, warm baths, etc... Right now I'm doling out the Soma's as conservatively as I possibly can which is about 2 to 3 a day. I even cut them in half. I've been taking them consistantly for 5 years now, went for about two years without them but rior to that took them for two years to even be able to sleep cause the spasms were so bad. I also take a .25 mg of Xanax twice daily and I've been adding one OTC as well which is Tylenol or ALeve.

I suppose that I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that still had post- op spasms for a length of time that finally subsided? I'm scheduled for PT soon but that has never helped. I'm in so much pain, and I'm so discouraged. My NS saw me last Thursday at six weeks post-op, saw the X-ray and said everything is in place and that unless I have problems I don't even need to see him again. He's been realisitc with me and says that I might not feel better but at least I'm stabilized at those two levels.

Any help or recommendations?


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