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Just got my results and I am having a really hard time dealing with the findings. Some history: ACDF 5-6-7 2002, Posterior foraminotomy lami c6-7 2003, revision ACDF c4-5-6-7 non fusion plus new level done. Staph infection still in pain........ with shoulder pain .Also had MRI of shoulder done on the same day. Do I post the results here or in another topic area???
There is a 7 x 12 x 13 mm slightly iobulated solid mass in the cervical left posterolateral superrficial fascia loacted approx. 2 cm inferior to the base of the skull and approx. 3.2 cm to the left of midline, depicted in axial image 27 in series 4 and blah blah blah.... The mass causes minimal indentation of the subjacent paraspinal muscles. The mass is located approx. 4mm deep into the skin. The mass may be a small lymph node. The mass that was present ( this was never written in any of my past reports nor was it told to me by anyone) in the prior MRI exams performed on 12/2003 and 11/2004 and is unchanged in appearance.

c2-3 Mild compression dorsal margin of the thecal sac due to decreased AP dimension of the posterior arch of C1 (WHAT THE HECK IS THAT). POSTERIOR bulge of the disc is present with mininal developmental narrowing of the central spinal canal
c3-4 small posterior midline disc protrusion, mild developmental stensos on the Central spinal canal.
c4-5 mild developmental stenosis of the central spinal canal
I am living in pain everyday while on duragesic patches and taking pain meds. Dont know what to do now. My appt. with surgeon is October 27. I am really concerned about this mass and need some input from you guys/gals. I called my PCP today, faxed over the report and he wants me in his office tomorrow am at 10:00 so that is making me nervous. My shoulder MRI is horrible and I can bet that I will be needing surgery. I am going through a divorce right now and this news just put the icing on the cake. Any advice, info...anything please respond.

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