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I`ve posted on the back problems thread and am getting some very helpful advice So i decided to try hear to see if any one has a simular problem so i can maybe find out how to completely fix it.

15 years ago...roller skating accident bumped back of heads with another skater i had a contusion from it. Had headaches ever since

3 years ago i woke up and suddenly could not move my neck! Went to ER when pain became unbearable they had no answers why and sent me home with muscle relaxers. was on them 3 weeks and neck finally got better. Since then is when the pain got to be everyday. its a sharp stabbing burning pain that travels from the left side of my neck to behind my ear then into my temple and in my eye.

I finally started going to the dr to get treatment. couldnt take the headache anymore. i have no insurance so i couldnt have the MRI done. I was on a few different meds that didnt work so i explained to the dr the type on pain and he said its a nerve from something but didnt know what. I have been on Lyrica which is great. its completely changed my life and i was headache free for 3 months but had the occasional breakthrough pain maybe once a month instead of EVERY day.
I ws told to see a chiropractor so i did. my scan and xrays showed damage on a total of 18 bones. my c-2 and c-3 were severe. after a month of chiro care they did a follow up scan and only 3 were still out. my 3-2 and 2 in lower back. my c-3 is finally normal.
The c-2 i can actually feel bulging out of neck and is very painful to touch. Im assuming this is causing the nerve pain in my head right? I`m taking some advice on NOT going back to the chiro yet until im checked out by a neuro. The chiro did adjust me last friday and so far the c-2 has not bulged back out yet. but when i stopped the lyrica (thinking my neck being adjusted would take headaches away) i stopped taking it for 2 weeks and had 8 migraines so i went back on the medicine.
Is it possible that i have permanent nerve damage from this being an ongoing problem for 15 years? and ive neglected it?

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