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Yes, c2 can be a cause of headaches, but so can C3 down to T2, depending on what is going on. Xrays do not show the same level of detail as an MRI does -- and it would be unlikely that you would feel a bulge. You are likely feeling knots and tight muscles back there. I have herniations at C3-C6 with stenosis and spinal cord compression. The compression causes radiculopathy up to the right side of my head - resulting in headaches. They were misdiagnosed as migraines for about 4 years before I got a proper diagnosis.

Chiropractors really should not be adjusting your neck, especially if you don't know what is going on in there. If you ahve any bone spurs or stenosis, it could potentially make it worse. Not to scare you, but it is true. My opinion is that chiros are best to work on the lower back, if at all. There is no spinal cord to mess with down there.

If you are able to afford a chiropractor, could you possibly ask for a payment plan for an MRI? Some doctors have centers that they work with where you could get a break in pricing. Can you get student insurance? Do you qualify for medicaid?

I had the same problem and was sure it was coming from my neck. To my surprise, I had not one, but a series of severe problems going on in there that required rapid intervention and pretty consistent medical care and observation.

I don't know if it can cause permanent nerve damage- we are all different - but I know it is a possibility. There are ways to stop/reduce that pain with nerve blocks, epidural shots, the Lyrica (which you're already on). Glad you're staying away from the chiropractor.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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