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i just had an acdf tuesday and i noticed a couple days ago that i have a numb area above my incision. i also noticed two little tiny cuts on my collar bone below the adhesive. this numbness was not there previous to surgery. did the surgeon cut a nerve? whats going on?
Hi Loveshines, I haven't had surgery, so obviously, I cannot answer your questions, but I just wanted to wish you well and see how you are doing. From what I've read, a lot of weirdness and ups and downs happen with pain, tingling, numbness, etc. after the ACDF - so that may be normal, however, as usual - I defer to other board members.

How did it go? How are you? How are all of the other issues coming along? When you feel up to it, post and let me know.

Thinking of you!
Often after any surgery nerves surrounding the incision are disrupted. Nerves take a long time to heal so be patient. If there's no real disfunction in the numbness don't let it worry you too much. I've had extensive knee surgery and the area around my incision is numb, but causes me no problems.

C5-C7 ACDF 5/06
L4-S1 Fusion 5/93
I had an ACDF (C5-6) on Sept. 14th and I noticed some numbness under my chin on the same side as the incision. The whole area wasn't numb, but it definitely felt different than the non-cut side. I had looked around online and many people seem to have this same issue. Just so you know... I am at a little over 6 weeks post-op and the numbness is pretty much gone.
I had some numbness around the incision site for a couple of months, but it slowly improved and eventually went completely away. I don't think it's all that uncommon.

Funny - I, too, have a permanently numb area on my leg from knee surgery. Maybe the neck nerves heal better than the knees.
I'm 23 years old and 16 days post-op C5-C6 fusion. I also noticed some lack of feeling just above my incision. I also feel a small lump just above the didn't mention a lump. I spoke to the PA that works with my surgeon and he explained it to me this way: once the incision is made through the skin, there is a very thin muscle running the length of your neck that they also have to cut through lengthwise. The lump I feel is the muscle fibers bunching as they heal. He also said that because of that bunching, there may be some lack of sensation in the nerves in that area. He said the lump will slowly heal/disappear and sensation will return. I hope this helps. Happy Healing!! :)
yes the lump just showed up, thanks

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