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Hi Randy - welcome.

After my 2nd ACDF I experienced quite a bit of diziness and spinning for about 2 months after my surgery. I especially noticed it when I would lay my head down. I figured I had fluid or equilibrium problems from laying around and from surgery. I waited it out and over time it got better and I never brought it up to my doctor because it disappeared.

Five weeks isn't that long, you will continue to heal for months. Your neves are waking up and healing after the compession or irritation that you had prior to surgery. You may get many new symptoms that come and go. When they do our surgeries, sometimes other nerves get moved or touched, or as they flood the area to rinse, irritation can happen etc..

Just remember to discuss them with doctor if they continue or become problematic. Some issues may stay with you permanently depending on how long it was before surgery and the nerve damage that happened. Hopefully over time you will heal and have excellent recovery and minimal or no left over issues!

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