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Good Morning All,

I am new to this board and want to share my experience as well as to begin to understand others as well. In so doing I hope that I may be of some help in the future. Thanks in advance for listening.

I am about 4-5 weeks post op for ACDF C6-7 with Titanium plate and screws. No collar, in the hospital 10/4...home 10/5. Surgery went extremely well (I'm told) and initially, most symptoms (with the exception of numbness in my chest, back, arms and legs) were gone. I am pleased with the reduction of arm, shoulder and neck pain, but I have developed (since the surgery) some other rather annoying symptoms that I do not know if they are related or not.

What I am experiencing is a "burning" sensation in the underside of both of my arms from elbow to wrist. It is constant.

When I spoke to the Neuro Surgeon about it, his response was to wait, sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't. The other item I am experiencing as of this morning is some dizziness. It may be unrelated, I'm not sure.

I thought I would pose the question to the group and see if there was any similarities in condition to what anyone else has experienced.

Again, thanks in advance.

Hi Randy - welcome.

After my 2nd ACDF I experienced quite a bit of diziness and spinning for about 2 months after my surgery. I especially noticed it when I would lay my head down. I figured I had fluid or equilibrium problems from laying around and from surgery. I waited it out and over time it got better and I never brought it up to my doctor because it disappeared.

Five weeks isn't that long, you will continue to heal for months. Your neves are waking up and healing after the compession or irritation that you had prior to surgery. You may get many new symptoms that come and go. When they do our surgeries, sometimes other nerves get moved or touched, or as they flood the area to rinse, irritation can happen etc..

Just remember to discuss them with doctor if they continue or become problematic. Some issues may stay with you permanently depending on how long it was before surgery and the nerve damage that happened. Hopefully over time you will heal and have excellent recovery and minimal or no left over issues!
Thanks for your reply....any and all information is most helpful as I am sure you know.

This is one of the strangest illnesses I have ever experienced. Today the dizziness seems to have subsided but I am feeling more numbness and weekness in my knees. I really hate to waste the NS time with this stuff as he has already told me that I just have to wait to see how it comes out.

Again, thanks for your response.


I don't know about the burning arms, as I didn't experience that.

I had dizziness tho. A few times I was out, and had to find a place to sit down. Remember, this is a major surgery, and your body has been through trauma. it will take a while to feel better. I had the dizziness for at least 3 months, maybe more.

Are you still on meds?

Dennis, thanks for the response.

I am only experiencing a small bit of dizziness in the mornings generally when I get out of bed. Not too serious but I'll keep an eye on it!

I stopped taking pain meds about 3 days post op. Then only as required. The doc prescribed oxycodone and flexeril for muscles. Seemed to do ok but I can't stand the overwhelmingly useless feeling I have when I take them.

The burning sensation in my arms is pretty annoying but not worth taking narcotics over!!


Are you taking both oxycodone and flexeril?

I'm wondering why the flexeril...isn't this a muscle relaxer?

That one could cause the symptoms you describe.
Hi Randy,
If the burning continues and if it gets bad enough, if you don't want to take pain meds, you could discuss alternatives with your doctor like Neurontin or there is another called Lyrica. These are commonly prescribed for nerve pain and are non-narcotic. Like all meds they have side afffects, but you can weigh the problem vs. the solution and decide if it will help you. Both have been proven effective for many people managing the burning and shooting nerve pain.
Get your NS to check out the thoracic spine.
Good luck
[QUOTE=mthu2189]Hi Randy

The symptoms of the underside of your arms from elbow to wrist and the chest pains are seeming to me of a different level, than the one you had fused. It is generally thoracic spine symptoms when they include chest, maybe t1/t2. there is not alot of room in the spinal canal when they do prolapse so the symptoms are far and wide . Might wanna wask the NS about it. Thoracic discs don't commonly prolapse, although it doesn't mean that they don't...
Good luck

I was wondering if any of you had heaviness in your legs or arms after surgery. I'm haveing that problem off and on.

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