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skziemann----so sorry to jump into your post since i am in a dilemna myself and have no answers. i have 3 bulged cervical disks, stenosis, they "think" a pinched nerve at the C7 and some large bone spurs at the C5-C6-C7. this is a work related injury so no one is really answering my questions. i have been going to PT for 6 mos. for an impinged rotator cuff on the left shoulder and tendonitis and tarsal tunnel in right foot and ankle. these are all from the same injury. i also have 4 bulged disks in my lumbar that have bee pain free since aquatic therapy. as far as my neck goes i have had no injections and no therapy as of yet so i have no idea how they think it will get any better.

NYD-----why did you ask about the pinky finger? i have noticed that some days i wake up and my thum, index and middle fingers are all numb and other days just my piny and ring finger are. what is the difference?:confused: i have no idea in my case what is coming from my neck and what is coming from the impingement in my shoulder and all of my dr.s say the same thing. "continue therapy and see me in 6-8 weeks." any ideas?:eek:

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