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Hi Erica1976
I too know what you are going through. I have problems with C-4-C5 C5-C6 C6-C7
At the C5-C6 I have a dick extrusion, compressing the spinal cord, loss of CSF escetera.

I live in Rockland County, suburbs of NYC. My docs all up here said I need surgery. I wanted another option. I did see a doc that deal with Epidurals but they siad it would be too risky. Where they would have to do the Epi it is next to a artery and it is so narrow it could cause me more pain. He also said he wanted me in NYC to see a surgeon.

I saw 3 surgeons. Dr. George DiGiacinto out of St. Lukes, Dr. Robert Holtzman out of Lenox Hill and Dr. Roger Hartl out of New York Presbyterian Wiels Cornel. All three said the same thing...SURGERY or I am taking a risk of Perminenet damage are prarlyis.

I have pain, numbness pins and needles I too have lately been getting chest pains. I an also having some headaches bad lower pain ion my head It is even causing problems for me to drive my car and even turning a knob on the door.
I am scheduled for Nov 29th with Dr. Hartl. I decided on Dr. Hartl because it is NYP which is rated as the 6th best hopital in the US and the 4th best hospital in the US for Neurosurgery. Dr. Hartl is also the surgeon that operated on the firefighter that had top jump off that 50 foot bulding last year. If he could save him he could do the surgery on me. i also realy liked Dr. DiGiacinto and probably would of immediately whent with him, but I am nopt thrilled with St. Lukes.
I was told that 2 or maybe 3 disc will have to be worked on. He is repalcing them with plastic discs and shaving of my own bone. I will also have a plate. I will have to ware a neck brace for at least 6 weeks. I guess I wont be driving for a while. He also mentioned something about this I-Pod looking thing that I will have to wear to help with the fussion. It is experimental.
It is supposed to help with the healing.

I would make a descion as soon as possible. believ me surgery is not the answer I wanted to here either. But if it works..then it is worth it and it is better then the alternative.

Gotta go it is starting to hurt to even type.

Good Luck and keep me informed!!

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