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1, multilevel disc degeneration, with small disk protrusion at c5-6 and
diffuse disc bulging at c6-7 as detailed in the comments.
2, a small to moderrate right paracentral disc protrusion at c3-4 slightly indents the right ventral cord.
Clinical indication
neck and left arm pain

Magentic Resonance imaging of the cervical spine was performed using sagittal
t1,STIR and t2 weighted sequences. In addition, axial gradient echo and
axial t2 fast spin echo images were obtained.

The cervical vertebral bodies are aligned anatomically and demonstrate normal
height and marrow signal. There is a multi level disc decissation and mild disc
space narrowing. There is a mild associated anterior endplate spurring from
c3-4 through c5-6. The cervical spinal cord is grossly normal in appearance
and the cerebellar tonsils are in normal position.

at c2-3 there is no significant disc bulge or herniation,although there is mild left uncovertebral hypertrophy.

at c3-4 there is a small to moderate right paracentral disc protrusion
superimposed on minimal disc bulging, resulting in mild narrowing of the
central canal, with minimal indentation of the right ventral cord.

at c4-5 there is no significant disc bulge or hernation.

at c5-6 there is a small broad- based central disc protrusion,with no
significant narrowing of the central canal or neural foramina.

at c6-7 there is a disc bulging and mild endplate spurring, as well as mild
uncovertebral hypertrophy resulting in mild narrowing of the central canal and
neural foramina

thats my mri my doctor finally me a week and a half after the mri. He went over the report with me though all i remember is that he said being a paperhanger painted was the worst thing i could be with my condition..
I still dont understand most of what i wrote above . All i know is that my symptoms have slightly improved but not much.
now i can roll over on eith side for about 5 minutes before it hurts to much in my shoulder blade... My thump and first finger are still somewhat numb like with pins and needles (no change still the same numbness)... I am still sleeping in the recliner and during the day standing at ease or sitting at a table my forearm goes on fire...
Its been six weeks and still pain in my neck area (not terrible) but my left arm is not in good shape...
I am not seeing any1 now for this. My doctor said to get a emg or eeg i forget .. A pin test to see where the nerve is bad? for steroid shot...
what do i have to look forward to folks.. how bad am for my future work.
I hate it that my neck feels like glass thats going to break and my shoulder blade, left arm to my finger/thumb is in all kinds of pain at different times
please reply if u are in the know thx

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