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Hi Dave,
Your situation is VERY similar to mine. I have been dealing with this since 2002 and I tried EVERYTHING. Mine most likely comes a yr. after I fell very hard on the ice. I fell in 2001. I am not sure, but it makes sense. I was fine till I fell. But I am 50 now, so of course things get kind of worn out. ;)
I am having surgery this month because i tried everything else and nothing has really worked for very long. Whatever you need to ask me is fine. I am in the exact same boat as you, only alot further along, timewise.
P.S. I had to buy a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed in 2005 because no other bed was working for me anymore. That was very helpful. (and their cervical pillow was helpful, too)
Hi mona, did i rupture a disc?...good luck with everything.:) i do feel for those with pain ,more now that i have had a good dose of it.
hello SKZ i would like to say that your post was awesome and helpfull and i do wish ya the best.. nice post there. I read it about ten times.
i guess its been about two months for me.. pain started from out of the blue...It was horrid for about 6 weeks and two weeks ago it started to get better, This last week i had a great improvement and only am taking the pain pills maybe one every other day while taking the muscle relaxers(i forget the name now dio something) twice a day...My left arm is still bad but for example i can jump of a 4 foot step ladder without getting jolted in my arm. Thats a big improvement for me,,,My shoulder is still sore as i type and tire very fast when i am working,,,I can work now(construction) but not full speed. My finger and thumb are still numb. which puzzels me cause the chiropracter i saw a few times(not going anymore) told me that my extremedeys or fingers should get better first and the pain in my neck last.
why i have went through this painfull episode is still a mystery for me.
I guess if i dont get more better or i get worse ill have to see a neuro doctor for some better answers. once again thx for the post SKZ..i check these this board daily. Its the only one i posted in.;)

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