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Thanks for your replies. Here's how my appt went:

I saw my PCP today about my migraines/neck/shoulder/arm pain. Told him how devastating they are, and how it's totally interfering with my life. Between the back pain, leg pain, and now the migraines, neck pain, etc., I never know when I'm going to be rendered useless. He felt of the neck and muscles and said they are totally knotted up. They migraines are either chemical imbalance triggered, or physiologically triggered. If they are chemical triggered, then the usual migraine meds should help. He put me on Naprosyn 2x a day for inflammation in those nerves/muscles, and Flexeril to try to relax those muscles. The next time I get a migraine, I'm to take the Imitrex he gave me. If it doesn't work, then take the Maxalt he gave me. If neither work, then I'll be sent to a neurologist for a CT scan and MRI and all those tests on my head and neck. The chiropractor is also treating me and said today that C1 had a major subluxation, that it was locked up and not moving, and was causing the rest of my neck problems, down into my shoulder and arm. So, he worked on that and will see me every week right now. I'm supposed to ice my neck and base of skull often, too. I see the behavioral doc at the pain management center next monday and will talk to him about all of this and also about me being so depressed b/c I can't work or do anything normal without it affecting me. I need a job, I need the money, but no one will hire me when I have so many restrictions on what I can do, and then to be rendered useless at the drop of a hat by migraines, too. So, maybe they'll have some ideas and can help me. I also see the actual pain dr after the behavioral guy and if he puts me on Cymbalta for my back, it might help my neck too. Or, he might want to do trigger point injections into the neck to see if that helps.

Anyway, sorry that was a novel. I don't know much other than to wait and see what happens next. I might have to go on preventative migraine meds, but we're going to see if they are chemical or physio migraines first and go from there. Thank you if you made it this far.

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