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Hi Michelle, sorry just read your post today, I just went for a lumbar MRI Wednesday, don't know results yet. I have a bulging disk at C-3, one doc says that this isn't the problem with my headaches, the other (pain management doc) says yes. I dunno. But I started getting these neckache/headaches 8 years ago, about 3 months after a minor fender bender. Then 6 years ago the facial tingling started, they wanted to do a brain MRI then, but I had no insurance. Then in 2001, thats when I started googling, and its been down hill since. I am frightened that I have MS, cause my gram had it, but my mom and grandfather, both have migraines, have had them since they were young, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. My brain MRI was normal, the c-spine showed the disk, never had the thoracic one, doc says no "MS", because there is no weakness, numbness, or any other MS symptoms, and my neuro exam was good, so I don't know if my weird feelings are from migraines, MS, or just plain old "anxiety". Do you ever get ear pain when your neck hurts? My ear used to bother me bad, but after I got trigger point injections, it went away. Sorry so late at getting back to you, talk again soon, Jen

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