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hi emalee----I also have a really bad neck. stenosis, bulged sidks, bone spurs, and a possible pinched nerve at the C7. since i injured my shoulder at the same time it was impossilbe for anyone to know what was what. have had 2 injections and months of therapy on my shoulder (impinged rotator cuff) and have had some relief. the pain oringinally was in my neck, shoulder and the bicep pain was horrendous. I never knew at that time that the neck can cause this but it can. i also have a dead tricep on the same side as the bad shoulder. after getting a trigger point injection in each trapezious muscle i have had my greatest releif. neck still hurts and shoulder still locks if i try to lift it beyond half way up but i feel the pain in my neck now is from my neck. hope I helped.


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