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I'm going to my PCP in one I will be discussing some of this with him - the MRA idea on my brain and/or MRI on the cervical spine with contrast. I will also inquire about a Internal Medicine Doc. My PCP is holding great expectations when I see the Physiatrist the middle of the month...but, I'm not so sure after talking to a couple of people who have been that route. I have read about a discogram, that too I will bring up. I've also read about a myelogram in conjunction with a CT scan...another idea I will discuss. I don't want to be over the top with requesting tests...yet at the same time I feel so terrible with no answers I really want to get figured out. I know it's not "normal" to have hyper reflexes and then this sudden onset of high BP - when it was always low - I believe these should be red flags that something really is going on. It's hard, as outwardly I look relatively normal...yet I've never felt so terrible, strange.

At the time of my herniation...they described it as "very large." My NS said no PT as he didn't want it aggravated any further. I know most people have canal narrowing naturally as we age (I'm 45). I just know mine is 9mm or less where my herniation is...I guess I have to trust docs that this isn't problematic...but, something is causing all of this!

This plugged in feeling...the best way I can describe feels like all of my nerves in my legs and arms are almost vibrating just charging and active all the time - don't know how else to describe it. It's always there, but sometimes comes on really strong, which is the worst...that is when I will sometimes tremor (hands and/or legs). I've had 2-3 times where when I would lay down I had an internal vibration feeling that was visible, my whole body was vibrating, though I only had it a couple of times, and haven't had this for about 6-7 months.

I was given a beta-blocker (Atenolol) to see if that helped settle down the nerves - I haven't noticed much difference. I take Trazadone sometimes before bed, just to help me sleep. Other than that...Ibuprofen to help with neck/arm pain. I am going to question my PCP today about something to help with the terrible nerve symptoms until I get figured out - I need relief as I'm waiting on appt stuff. I get nervous about all these meds and getting addicted to something so I haven't pushed too much - but I need relief. Thanks again Pearl - I REALLY appreciate the time you take for your input and support. I'll keep you posted. Mona PS. How are YOU feeling post ACDF? You're about 6-7 weeks out, right? Bless you.

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