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Re: Neck pain
Dec 29, 2006
Sounds like you have some sort of stenosis - which is a narrowing of the spinal collum and that you have either Radiculopathy or Myelopathy or both. Radiculopathy has to do with nerve (nerve root) irritation and Myelopathy means that the actual spinal cord is being pressed upon in some way or another whether it be because of one of your discs or something like a bone spur there is really no way of knowing until you have your MRI.

I would highly recommend not doing any heavy lifting or over doing it with any upper body activities. Depending on how severe your situation is your symptoms can either slowly get worse, or you could very quickly get worse. For me, my legs started giving out to where I would kinda do this half fall but would regain myself before actually falling. i also had various symptoms of burning, tingling and numbness sensations that would go thru both legs and arms and even in my face and tounge as well as my back and shoulders, along with localized sensations in my fingers, especially finger tip areas and heaviness of my limbs. I also had shooting pains but that didn't happen all that often.

Some people start to loose bladder control. Thankfully this didn't happen to me, but if this happens you should get to the ER right away. Bladder rentension can also be a sign as well, so if you have problems "going" you should probably get in touch with your doc. Try not to worry about these more sevre symptoms, just take what you have as it comes but hopefully you won't get any worse than what you are experienceing now, but I'm telling you these things in case it does happen so that its not a suprise. My problem was at C5-6 with a bone spur, narrowing and kyphosis (reverse curve of the spine).

Don't be suprised if you are referred to a neurosugeon, but this doesn't mean that you will be rushed off to surgery, many times they will try to relieve your symptoms and pain via conservative means first before considering surgery.

Good luck to you and many blessings! Keep us posted.

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