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Hello from Scotland! I'm new here and this is my first post... please bear with me whilst I tell my story :)

I get migraines, quite bad ones, I get a blind spot in my eye, then I get pins and needles in my hand which travels up to my elbow and then goes into my face, then disappears after 1 minute and I get the horrendous headache... now I have only had 10 or so of these in the past 10 years!!
Anyway, I dont know if any of you will have heard of this but I went for BOWEN THERAPY, which is a light muscle relief therapy... I used to get one of these bad migraines about 5 days after a session....
In particular (and it was my last session), when she went over the muscle in the right side of my neck, she grinded it! I mean really grinded it, it was a horrible noise! 5 days after, my jaw/cheeks went all weird and numb/tingly...
Since then, I was getting a lot of numbness/tingling in my jaw etc but no sore heads!! Its progressed to a very stiff sore neck, tingling down my right arm (its a very light tingling, not like pins and needles), hot tingles from teh back of my neck and over the top of my skull)...
I had a brain scan, it was clear, I had a neck xray and it showed discs C6 &C7 are degenerating... i know this corresponds with the tingling down my right arm....
Neurologist told me it was migraines, its not, i know my own migraines and this is not them! These tingles happen every day,, the only thing that helps is a heat pad placed on my neck...
Doctors have mentioned Trigemenal Neuralgia and Cervical Spondylosis, I tend to agree with the latter! Sometimes my right left (notice its all my right side?) leg can feel funny, not as bad as I cant walk, but feels funny and weak!
Did the Bowen lady do something in my neck???? Is this possible??
Does it sound like nerve irritation??
Do you think I should ask for an MRI of my neck???
Also i've seen a Chiropractor around 5 times, and due to go again tomorrow, I dont know if its really helping or not to be honest?!?!?
Also, an appointment came through for physio next week, is this worth going to??
Any help, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) :)

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