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SCIATICA.....pathetic. i'm so upset right now since i've been dealing with issues since July and this is what i get for a diagnosis. don't get me wrong i should be dancing in my chair but it doesn't seem right. I was given a 30 day prescription of naproxyn 500 mg twice a day for 30 days and pt. AAAHHH.

my history, in july i started feeling "off" episodes of vertigo, neck problems, arm weakness, gait issues. I had stroke workup, negative, cardiac workup, negative, tons of blood work, negative. went to neurologist for possible ms, negative mri or head/c-spine with and without contrast. off to ent for an ENG for vertigo, negative, finally an orthopodeic consult, xrays of knees and hips, negative, said my gait issues and shoulder uneveness is due to mri, i mean my own fault, i run out of doctors offices quickly when they say what's wrong and it's not terminal but now a day later i'm upset. he said could be a lumbar herniation.....but no mri ordered just meds and pt....never did pt don't really think it fixes things but i'm pretty pesimitic at this point.

i guess my questions to anyone,

i have intermitent hip/butt pain and knee pain, my right foot turns out when i walk, my gait feels off balance like i'm leaning to one side, i'm not in pain, only occassionally. my shoulders are uneven.....i feel foggy with right sided neck stiffness (everything is on my right side) my right arm from elbow down hurts at times and i feel like my hand freezes when i'm typing.....

is that all related to lumbar spine? when i went to neuro she said results of mri of head/c spine ruled out the serious. i think there's something wrong with me.....ortho actually said, although chiro's blame everyting on the spine, their right in saying your lumbar region is the core of your body and your probably herinated a disk. I don't have back pain. I do remember years ago reaching for something and feeling something give in my back but with no lasting symptoms. i work as a nurse so my job is physical but am wondering if anyone has any feedback. sciatica causing all this just sounds so lame....sorry but it's how i feel after all these problems and sitting waiting for them to tell me i have something terminal.

any help suggestions? (i do have five referaals left for an ortho and am thinking of switching)_


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