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Hello all,
I'm a newbie here and after reading through some of the posts I wish I would have found this site before surgery. Brief summary: I've had neck and shoulder pain for 5+ years and finally found a doctor who was willing to help me. I was diagnosed with cervical kyphosis, 1 herniated disc , 1 bulging disc, myelopathy and degenerative disc disease. I'm 28 years old (yes pretty young to have all those problems)and had 2 level(c4/5/6) ACDF surgery with plating and screws on Dec. 4th. So far so good with minor problems. The biggest of my problems now are sleep deprivation.:yawn: I started out in the bed the first few days then went to the recliner for 5 weeks now back to the bed. Now when I awake in the morning my neck and both shoulders are stiff. When in the recliner I can't get to sleep until like 3am then up every so often readjusting. Well I got the okay today to go back to work on Monday and am kinda worried about how the lack of sleeep will effect me at work. What is a lady to do? Any tips or products that you found to work Please let me know.
Having had a 2 level fusion with all the hardware just recently I feel your pain!

This is how I sleep..... Flat on my back with a long wedge pillow with a thin flat "airline" pillow under my head with regular pillow under my knees. By airline pillow I am dead serious those flat little throw away pillows they give out (or some do) are perfect.

If you cannot find one, make one buying a bag of poly- fil. Those contour memory foam pillows just are too painful for me

Prior to surgery I was a side sleeper... couldnt do it now under any circumstance too painful on the side!

Drs. have told me I have lost the natural curve at my neck and it is stick straight...therefore discomfort and musle spasms etc.
SKZ:yawn: You poor thing. You will find that you will sleep (find good positions, etc.) really good for a few nights and then things adjust in your neck, etc. and you have a hard time for a few nights. I have changed pillows, bedding, beds and anything else I could think of to get a good nights sleep. Are you not taking any type of pain killer at night? It is good to be off of the Vicodin but you might still need some Tylenol. Tylenol now has an 8 hour pill. On bad nights I take one of them and a Tylenol PM (has the Benadryl in it). This has helped me. Benadryl makes me loony. I only can take 1. The Benadryl should be helping your sinus infection? Like you also said that antibiotic may really be upsetting your whole system. Your poor body is trying to fight off an infection and recover from surgery. Please take it very easy....
Thank you all for the comments to my post. I have tried many of the suggested things. Yesterday, I went out and got a memory foam contour pillow and it worked for like 3 hours (geez). Now, that pillow is tossed in the corner with the rest of my stuff. I finally went back to work Monday for half days and yesterday came home with the worst pain in my neck and back. Did I over do it? I didn't think I did but put a call into my dr. and she suggested I take the rest of the week off. So back to the Vicodin I go! Good news though when I finally got to sleep it was great. Hope this doesnt mean I need the Vicodin for a good night sleep. Good luck all.

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