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I had a diskectomy in my lumbar spine years ago. The month after i stated having alot of neck pain and kept mentioning it to my Dr but they decided at the time not to investigate. Well the pain had gotten worse and i stared having dizzines, numbness and daily migrane headaches they deiced to do a mri. I knew it would be abnormal. The spine Dr determined that my condition was worrisome but probly did require surgery but sent me off to the sugeon fao an opinion and sent me to PT. Well it took about 3 months to see the neurosurgeon and hes supposed to be one of the best out there. He looked at the film for about 2 seconds and says i see nothing here that would warrant a surgery. He then asked why i was there and if i self refered myself. After talking about my symptoms he looked closer at the films and says oh yes i see you have spinal stenosis but its not bad enough at this point to do surgery and decided to tell my other Dr to refer me to a pain clinic. Well i dont want to mask the pain I want it gone. Needless to say i was frustrated and gave up. Well after a couple months my sympotms had been getting worse so they sent me for another MRI. The results are as follows:
C2-C3 No canal or foraminal narrowing
C3-C4 slight diffuse disck bulge wich mildly narrows central canal with effacement of CSF. The neural foramen are not compromised.
C4-C5 Central disck protrusion is present causing severe central canal stenosis with abnormal right ventral cord contor. This is unchanged. The neural foramen are not compromised. No facet hypertrophy is present.
C5-C6 Broad disck bulge resulting in severe central canal stenosis. In axial plane this apears tio have slightly. However no definate change is identified in sagittal plane. Moderate right foraminal stenosis is present.
C6-C7 slight left paracentral disck protrusion is present which does not significantly narrow the central canal. Slight left foraminal narrowing is present
C7-T1 No canal or foraminal narrowing

C4-C5 severe central canal stenosis without significant change from April 2006
C5-C6 severe central canal stenosis, this may be margianlly increased compared to April 2006
Loss of normal cervical lordosis

At what point do they determine its bad enough for surgery? I am only 27 years old and I have been in pain now for 2 years. Its now to the point when I get warm water on my hands it feels like they are being burned. What do I do? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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