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Hello all.....
Im writing because I am searching for opinions/suggestions.....I am a 36 YO White male 20#'s O/W. On 7/14/06 I had a fusion of my C5 thru C7 with a Uniplate to secure it. I am pretty happy with that outcome though I am still a bit syptomatic - numbness/fatigue in my R arm/sholder.
I was ready to start doing basic Military excerises with my 5 year old son, (I am a USMC VET of the Gulf War) anyways...The ex is called Bend and thrust --> standing, move to squating, move (kick) legs back (Now in push-up Pos) then bring legs back up into squating position (THIS IS WHEN I FROOZE)....I have pasted from my own documents that I keep to keep track of my health, i have found this to be VERY usefull, everyone that doesnt should really consider it........

13JA07 – 10:15 am. I had started to do exercises with my son, ‘bend and thrust’. After my 2 squat my lower back froze and I was over taken with severe pain. I had trouble getting from my knees to the floor. When I froze I also felt and heard a popping sound. I lied on the floor for an hour or so, trying to figure out what I should do next. I was ready to have Kim, my wife, call for an ambulance as I could not get up off the floor. Kim called her father on my request asking him to come over to watch the kids while I am transported to the hospital. During the time it took for him to arrive I had placed a call to my surgeon, Dr. xx. I had to leave a message with the answering service. He returned my call promptly. I explained what had happened, he felt that the injury is muscle related and gave me the option of having someone drive to his office and pick up a strong prescription. I explained that I am scheduled to return to his office on Monday, 15th of January. He informed me I should cancel that appointment and re- schedule it for Friday, so long as the medicine would allow me to be somewhat pain free. He prescribed the following medicine; Oxycodoen 10-325, Flexeril 10mg, and a steroid 6 day pack. I had remained on the floor for a total of 25 hours. Kim had found a cup for me to use for urine. On Sunday around 11:30, I managned to back myself up onto a couch. I still haven’t stood up at this point. I used a chair back to help myself up to my feet around 12:30. I slowly progressed throughout the day – so it seemed. I have quickly learned that the pain is only being ‘masked’ by the medicine I am on. After 5 ˝ hours or so my pain increases dramatically. Any type of compression that my lower back feels puts me into severe sharp pain. I called to re-schedule my appointment for Friday but had learned that he will not be in on Friday, that my appointment had to be on Wednesday at 9:00 am.
17JA07 – It is now the morning of my scheduled doctor appointment. The pain has remained the same for the past several days.
At visit he did not order further tests, but told me to remain on the medications as needed and to return in a few weeks, I told him I wouldn’t be able to wait that long if this pain did not decrease in it’s intensity. He then changed to a 1 week follow up appointment.

24JA07 – Doctor advised PT for 4 to 6 weeks 3x/week. Still feels it is a muscle strain rather then a disc problem. Pain has greatly reduced and I can slowly touch the ground in front of me. Need to call and set up therapy. In the pm of the I developed a pain in my left hip/thigh area that stretched around to my buttocks. Had a very long night trying to sleep, kept waking up from pain/numbness in the areas mentioned.

25JA07 – I awoke and made it to work. The pain was persistent throughout the day in the thigh/hip/buttocks areas as mentioned I developed the previous night. I know of no activity I did which could have brought this on so suddenly. I called Dr. xx’s secretary, Cheryl, and left a message asking what I should do. She promptly returned my call telling me that she explained my symptoms to Terri and that I should cancel therapy for the afternoon and come in to the office first thing tomorrow; 8:30. I called and cancelled therapy. I am very nervous as everything seems to e heading towards a surgical procedure?

26JA07 – Saw Terri xxx, P.A.-C. She did a few exercises in which she saw good signs from the outcome? I explained that the pain comes and goes. That it was in my groin and upper buttocks and recently was in my shin/calf. I explained that the pain is so bad at times that I would think I didn’t take any meds, let alone Oxycodone & Flexrill. She ordered a MRI and x-rays of my lumbar spine. X-rays were of flexion and extension. MRI of Lumbar w/out contrast. The pain was overbearing at one point this morning only to subside by 11 am, though I still do have pain, and can even feel my lower back pain at the moment. I do not know what I will do over the weekend if this pain reoccurs. I am fearful of this. All pain has been ONLY on my left side, which is different from all previous pain I have experienced, which has always been on my right side.

29JA07 – I had x-rays taken on 26JA07 and scheduled MRI for 30JA07 @ Beaumont. I then scheduled a follow-up appointment with Dr. xx on 31JA07. Pain has now moved into my shin/calf area, a cold sensation and tingling is starting in my toes. Had a very hard time sleeping the past two nights, awoke very sore, but refreshed. The pain started to become severe in the am at work. It was bad enough for me to call my doctor (left message with Dr. xx's assistant/secretary) asking at what point I should proceed to the hospital. Cheryl, Dr. xx’s secretary, returned my call after reviewing my concerns with Dr. xx, and relayed Dr. xx’s opinions, which were; try to deal with the pain, unless I can not walk or get out of bed. She informed me that I really need to try to get through the next two days, so that I can have my scheduled MRI performed and to make it to the office on Wednesday morning. Thinking about the movement/progression of my pain I can recall this; initially was in my low back, at my waist line, then moved into my upper buttocks, and groin area. It slowly moved into my upper thigh area and has eventually moved into my shin calf area with my toes/foot beginning to feel numb/tingling. I am still taking the Oxycodone and Flexirll as directed. I have been taking the Oxy every 6 hours as I am in need of it every 6 hours. I have also been taking the flexirll every 8 hours as I hope it helps in relaxing the painful muscle feelings. The pain sometimes feels as though my muscles are being pulled from both ends, and stretched to the point of tearing it. The pain has subsided, as it usually does in the afternoons to a tolerable level. Though when I do get up to use the restroom I feel the pain reappear rapidly while walking.

30JA07 – I did not want to sleep last night due to the pain I knew would happen after a night of not moving. I slept on and off from 11 pm to 5:15 am. I awoke in less pain then I usually do, but once I was in the shower I developed a sever throbbing/pulling type pain as I have felt in the mornings past. I made it to the hospital for my MRI. The pain was controlled by the time I arrived at the hospital and thru the MRI procedure itself. Upon walking out I felt the pain increase dramatically in my lower leg. Now that I am back at work the pain is still in my shin, but also in my buttocks – on the left side. I still have not felt any pain on my Right side.

I really dont know what im looking for here, I am just very scared of another Surgery this soon as I had my last one only 7 months ago. My son, being almost 5 is very saddened by me being unable to play as I have with him, which in turn directly affects my emotions. And how could I forget the most inportant factor - THE LOSS OF INCOME! I do have short term, but it is only a fraction of my pay AND taxes are taken out of it!! Is thee any department that can help in this aspect?????

Thanks to all whom have made it thru this entire post!! I wish you all the best of luck!

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