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I've posted before about my herniated C6-7 followed by subsequent neuro symptoms. I herniated 1.5 years ago (no surgery) within 6 months the neuro symptoms hit. In my NS defense, another MRI was ordered, but showed improvement of the disc - so he sent me off to a neurologist for further testing of what my problem might be. Anyway, for the last 10 months I have been dealing with the ongoing neuro issues, periodic gait distrubance (off balance), numb feet, intermittent tremors of arms & legs, twitching, hyper reflexes, the worst of the worst...that tuning fork feeling in arms and legs - like my nervous system will not shut off. I have been from Neurologist to Rheumatologist to Physiatrist - you name it (not to mention accupuncture, myofascial, osteopathic ect. - I just want to feel better - willing to try about anything). Went through EMG/NVC, brain MRI, spinal tap, blood work...the general testing mill - all "normal." The Physiatrist suggested one more MRI of my brain to put the "nail in the coffin" so to speak re: MS. I literally begged her to throw in another cervical MRI - her comment was the last one showed improvement so it's moving in the right direction, but to satisfy me it was ordered. So now...protrusion is larger with flattening of the ventral cord. I certainly wish this was not the case - yet could this possibly explain my ongoing symptoms and will someone finally believe me? I am going to look and look until I find a NS who does. I still have the fear that I'm going to get the "your neck is not doing this" line...then what is??? I've yet to get any answer to that question. My gut all along was this is about my neck. I appreciate this board as so many of you would explain symptoms that I totally have - which gave me confidence to push the docs. I'll keep you posted on what the game plan is going to be. Any advice is always appreciated. Thanks. Mona
Suzy heart goes out to you. I'm sorry you too are dealing with all of this. I have yet to discuss my results with the I don't yet know her take on things. I went and picked up my MRI as I was ready to hop on a plane to get figured out as I am so sick of being messed up with no answers. Well, the Radiologist report was in with the CD of my MRI. Once I saw the words "flattening of the ventral cord," and "protrusion is now larger extending beyond the disc." I decided to hold off on the plane ride and consult with my NS, Physiatrist etc. Like I said, my last MRI 10 months ago indicated improvement. I was in so much pain, dizzy/vertigo (like you), numbness, periodic weird gait (off balance), and as I said this terrible oversensitive nervous system 24/7 etc. etc. that I just couldn't believe things were improving. What to do? So...I have been through the "I' think I have an awful disease" scare since everyone said my neck was "fine - getting better." In the mean time... these crazy symptoms have always felt generated from my neck...I'm no doctor and all the "experts" are telling me no way - so I would begin to doubt myself. Like I said...I haven't got my NS take on things yet - and I fear he is going to say, "it's not bad and not causing your symptoms." But it didn't take a rocket scientist to read the report that things are definitely worse and not better - I just don't know what he is going to think. I have taken Motrin and some NSAID's during all of this, but not the dosage you've tried. The only improvement I've experienced is a bit of neck/arm pain reduction, but it hasn't touched the ***arre neuro stuff. I know MRI's are the great golden standard, but I also think it takes the focus away from our REAL symptoms when the image looks "good." Anyway, keep me posted on how things go for you. I will let you know once I meet with my NS to get his thoughts on things. I really like my NS, but if he blows me off I am going to get more opinions. I, by no means, want to rush into any surgery. If there are other options I am all ears. I just want to feel better, as I'm sure you can relate. Take Care. Mona

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