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I so relate about a horrific diagnosis, but relief that I actually have a diagnosis. I have been so sick for the past 10 months; it's still amazing to me that I am so screwed up and everybody just refers me to someone else with no answers.

Saw my first of 2 NS today since last cervical MRI, says my neck looks somewhat better than my original rupture of 1.5 years ago and does not think it could be causing my multiple, horrible neuro symptoms. It was a difficult drive home as it was hard to see through my tears. I see another NS in 3 wks, but expect to get the same input. At this point I don't even know where to turn, some days are so hard, my ability to function is just so impared. Between twitching, numbness, weird gait, dizzy, burning/numb tongue, facial numbness, the hyper-nervous feeling - which is the worst part, neck/arm pain etc. etc. My biggest fear is this is my new life, with no help or answers. I'm feeling so defeated right now, it's really scary. My symptoms are very real, my sudden onset of high blood pressure, hyper reflexes, episodes of Raynaud's phenomenon are all really real, but no help. I'm at a loss for what do to. Thanks for letting me vent. Suzy Q...I know you're spending more time on the back board...but, if you check back...I'm in a similar boat....large rupture in neck, weird neuro symptoms, with no answers. I really don't know what other testing can even be done. I'm very discouraged.

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