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mona/susie q,
i too have been hit with a host of non specific neurological symptoms and still undiagnosed. i've seen both of you post and thought, oh my gosh, it almost sounds like me. of course our symptoms are probably a bit different but on the same path.

i've been so mislead by looking into so many different possibilities, i could scream or live life in infinite fear.

my symptoms started in july of 2006, started with eye twiching, vision issues, my neck started cracking and vertigo. i also felt like i was walking funny. weird to describe but kind of like i was walking in a "C", part of my body leaning to one side. i didn't really think to much of it at the time....pathetic but true. late july i had an episode where my right side just felt like it went "dead", ended up in e.r. for cat scan and tests. (went to opthamologist for eye exam, perfect vision)

md said, no stroke, no tia, heart studies/labs fine. probably a pinched nerve. he put me on zithromax for possible sinus problem. five days later at night, i had an episode where my body was vibrating, burning sensation up spine, myoclonic jerking, tingling sensations and weakness. next day, back at e.r., labs fine, sed rate. 2. so i went to a neurologist.

mri of head and c-spine w/wo contrast, fine, neurological exam, fine, thyroid, syphllis (can't believ that test), b12, folate, lyme fine. off to ENT for an ENG for vertigo, fine. went for mamogram since neuro said when i told her of arm weakness, have you had a mammogram? no, but went, fine. went to ortho for leg weakness, no mri, but xrays of pelvis/knees, to pt. ortho says sciatica with gait disturbance. HUH??????????????????

okay so i'm doing pt, no vision problems since the summer, vertigo or lightheadedness still present. always one sided. i now get shooting nerve pain throughout my body, lasts a second, goes away, some numbness on right hand, pinky/ring and half of palm with elbow pain. walking still feels weird, still walking like a C. no answers. neuro said 30% of neuropathy's go undiagnosed, post viral, etc. picked up results of mri, nothing, nothing, nothing, everything normal.

so here i sit, googling away, pursued lyme since i lived in new england but negative and not going that route with a negative test. thyroid normal. sed rate normal. so i've ruled out some things. i'm not sure if i have three different things going on or one. i kind of think i herniated a disc in t spine, as i'm of short statue, a nurse who lifts some very heavy people., who knows, my symptoms are transient, non specific. i mean how do you tell doctors you feel lightheaded on one side of your head?

i go back to my gp at the end of february and hope to get a mri of rest of spine, neuro said come back and they can do lumbar puncture, scared, not ready for that.

weird thing about my symptoms other than most being on my right side, my right sided weakness starts at knee and goes down, same with arm, starts at elbow and goes down. i don't know enough about dermatomes but wouldn't it continue along the nerve path if is was nerve compression? if it was spinal compression, wouldn't it be constant? no bowel/urinary problems. just very strange.

right now i'm looking into mercury poisioning and possibly gluten allergy. sad huh? i know it's not lyme, als, ms or arthritis, i know my cspine is fine as is my brain. but what?

you knwo the saddest thing, if my neuro told me i had ms i would probably hug her to have a diagnosis.

good luck to you both

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