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If its any reassurance that your situation is not unique - your story in the first post of this thread sounds exactly like my own situation - herniated disc due to injury - initially had pain in the hands which settled down, then seemed ok but started noticing intermittent neurological symptoms which are slowly getting more persistent and worse and have been for over 2 years.

I haven't had serious gait problems though do notice my legs feel funny when walking, but I do get the tingling and numbness in the legs, the tuning fork feeling, the twitching and also hot/cold patches on parts of skin, and vibration feeling in hands, occasional weak feeling in legs and also 'pin' type pains in hands and feet and also a cramping/numb/tingling feeling in the toes etc. etc. (a whole bunch of things). They are not debilitating but the continued worsening worries me greatly. I've also got poor range of neck motion and get neck/shoulder pain as well. I'm not taking any medications.

I've also had the neurological workup to rule out peripheral neuropathy, brain scans to rule out MS, rule out blood problems, MRI's of other parts of spine to rule out thoracic or lumbar spine causes for leg symptoms etc.

I believe that you will find a mixture of opinions from surgeons on this issue - Some will insist that if there is even the tiniest amount of CSF visible surrounding the cord on the axial scans then the disc can't be causing the problem (even if the cord appears slightly out of shape at that level).

Also depending on the state of your c-spine (narrow neck, other discs degenerated as well etc.) some may acknowledge the disc as a possible cause, but still not be keen to operate because of the difficulty in being sure of a successful outcome - my understanding is that its a far less predictable surgical outcome than surgery for radicular pain.

Keep persisting and you will eventually find a spinal NS or OS that will be willing to listen to your symptoms and take them into account along with the scans.

Also when you see the surgeons make sure you speak out about your symptoms as they're doing their neurological exam - point out things that are going on in the different parts of the body that they examine - even if they aren't happening at the time you are in the NS's consulting room make sure they know the things that are going on at other times.

For my situation after speaking to few different surgeons I've had a mixture of opinions (and am considering my options but haven't had surgery for the situation as yet).

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