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Mona, do you mind me asking what RX's the Dr.'s have you on ? Do any help you at all ?
My symptoms are very similar to yours. I get a look from the NS and others like Im an alien and they've never encountered such a thing. After I sustained a blow to the head I instantly had severe nausea and my entire spine felt sore. Anyways since, I've had numerous symptoms. The worst is my nervous system feels like a wreck. I always have pain , to varying degrees, in the middle of my shoulder blades across my shoulders into my neck. Because Im having back issue too, I dont know where some symptoms are coming from. I have sore tired feet almost all the time, leg aches real bad, which Lyrica & Vic does help that some. With my neck & arms I try and do very little, because if I over due it, like sweeping out my garage, my neck, arms, hands & upper back go into a spasticity thing. I dont know how else to describe it, but my arms are jerking where I cant hold a glass of water, my grip is uncontrollable and this goes on from one day to three days. An initial Mri showed 2 to 3 mm herm disc c5/c6, and a recent one says 4 mm with ventral indentation ? The NS looks at it & says I dont see anything really wrong here ? But after explaining these spasticity spells that I just feel like I need a straight jacket, he submitted for epideral injections. Its been 6 months and still waiting for WC approval. He did rx me some methylprednisone tablets for when my neck flares up, and it does help some. I have had prior ortho. dr.s tell me, " I dont know, I dont know what to tell you". So at least this NS has been helping me the best so far. Its a crazy thing for sure. Its like I want to turn off my nervous system , because it feels like its short circuiting all over the place. :eek:

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