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2 weeks ago I had a C1-5 Facet block and 3 consecutuve days of MUA's (manipulations under anesthesia by Chiropractors). Have been doing PT 3x a week for the last 2 weeks. Kept a pain diary and followed up with my pain doc on Tuesday and he decided to do a B C5/6 Nerve root block - which was done today. From what I understand he is injecting dye and taking pictures to better diagnose my situation. I'm also required to document my symptoms everyday.

Next week on Thur (Feb22) I will undergo a Root block C1-5, and the following day I will be getting a Median Branch block and an RFTC (Burn nerve endings). I would like to know if any of you out there have had RFTC and what outocome you've had from it. Also, what the heck dies RFTC stand for? All they told me was we'lll be burning the nerve endings and that should lessen or rid you of pain for 6-9 months - or however quickly the nerves regenerate.

I have annular tear in C5/6 and was having horrible migraines and neck pain. Any information you could share with me would be much appreciated. I'm a newbie so try not to use acronyms that will go right over my head. Thanks.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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