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Any Ideas?
Feb 16, 2007
So a little over two weeks ago, I saw my surgeon, I was doing GREAT, I thought all my problems were figured out and that everything was on track.

Exactly one week later, I woke up with weird nerve pain in my elbow.. now before this I had some shoulder pain which was thought to be a pinched nerve so I never mentioned it to the surgeon. Anyhow, this nerve pain in my elbow was very strange and would be like a shock that went up the underside of my arm. The next day I went to PT and by the time I got home, I was worse with tingling in both hands. Over the next few days or so, it got to where both arms both legs, both hands and both feet and my face and head were all tingling. This was all around super bowl weekend.. My neck started hurting with sharp pain too at times, way above and also below the level where my surgery was done as far as I can tell. Sometimes I would feel clicking or shifting, which could be other things in my neck but am not sure. Over all I was in a lot of pain. I kept waiting to call to see if this was just a freak occurrence, I know we can all have worse days than others, so I waited almost a week before I called. After speaking with the PA, we thought it could be other things causing the problem especially after I was doing so well when I saw them a couple weeks earlier. So he said call back if you are even a little bit like this early next week. Well, I ended up calling again.

I have to point out that I have other neurological issues. But instead of getting into all that I'll just say that I have a low B12, so I get monthly shots, and even though low b12 can cause issues like tingling in hands and feet, I had already started getting shots before this all came on so I don't think its that, I also have been fighting a nasty cold.

I've had swelling issues since surgery and was taking celebrex, but found that its not like other NSAIDS in that it has some different properties and think it was agitating my neuro disorder so I stopped taking it, tried it again, had bad results, stopped it, tried one more time and at that point, enough was enough. So part of me thinks this could be a swelling issue... I've also been very tight with my muscles, PT once said she couldn't get things to let up, so perhaps I need to be on a muscle relaxer. I also sit poorly at the computer, so part of me thinks that perhaps this is some self inflicted neuropathy, - looks like I'll be needing a lap top like some of you all have, lol.

The PA said that he thought he was starting to see fusion happen when they looks at my last films a couple weeks ago or so now, so that is good news, I just hope nothing is going wrong now. I don't know what to think anymore. I'll be going to see my Surgeon again this coming week.

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