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HI all,
Yesterday, I went to my 6 weeks post op, which was my 2nd post op appt. They Xrayed me in 4 positions. In all the positions I had to hold a gallon of water in each hand (oy). They want to ensure that C-6 shows. One of the positions I had to do this while holding my head forward (flexion) and another I had my head back (extension). S P A S M ! ! ! I forgot to mention, I had a ACDF C5-C7 (no collar). Everything looks good and I discussed P.T. with the Phys. Asst. We both agreed that I was tighter than a drum (and have been for 5 yrs. straight)..ever since the neck started to be a problem. God, I am tired of hearing that from every professional. I am finallyll going to get real help for it, where that is the main focus!!!!!!!!Whenever I went to PT in the last 5 yrs. (ENDLESS times)....they were always concentrating on my neck pain, not the spasms, specifically. NOW, they are concentrating on the spasms and tightness. YEAH!!!!!!!!! The Physician Asst. referred me to a PT she really thinks will help me finally get out of spasm. I drove directly to her office and met her and made an appt. for this morning. Its pretty far away (arent they always?????????), but I think it will be well worth the drive 2x a week. She has her PhD in P.T. which I liked. She is a manual orthopedic PT and she does IMS (intra-muscular stimulation). That is where they dry needle into the lovely spastic muscle and its supposed to help it release. I had that several yrs. ago, but I am not so sure that person knew what the "H" they were doing. That was when my neck had so much junk going wrong with it, nothing would help my muscles until the neck issues were addressed. Anyway, those babies hurt! They do this dry needling into your trigger point areas......then your muscle grips the H out of the needle because its so tight. Then it ultimately allows the muscle to release. YOu can research IMS on the net. I would have to say my trapezius are some tight puppies!!! whew THAT HURT. But I have to admit, I am feeling pretty amazing right now. I think even the slightest release of the spasm is helping alot. I am going to be getting this 1x a week and the rest of the time...manual hands on therapy......electrical stimulation...ultrasound and whatever. I am not going to be dong exercises till I get some bigtimecspastic relief. MAKES ALOT OF SENSE TO ME. Exercises always aggravated the tightness, without fail. (for me) Later we will do the exercises.
I will keep you all posted on the therapy and IMS. SHould be interesting.

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