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Hi, All,
This is my first time posting here. i have 2 surgical consults scheduled with top NYC drs in 2 wks. I am wondering what your impressions are of these findings. From what I read on these boards, it seems like I will need the surgery. I wonder what kind of surgery I will likely need.

I'd like to give you the summary of my MRI:

Impressions: Severe spinal stenosis at C5-6, attributed to herniated disc and osteophyte, with associated localized spinal cord compression, resulting in edema and/or myelomalacia.

I went for the MRI after having months of pins and needles feeling and numbness, clumsiness in my L hand and arm. My EMG test was normal. A month of PT (3x/wk) has done nothing.

More excerpts from the MRI report: at C6-7 "mild to moderate annular bulge." And at C4-5, "there is moderate left paracentral ventral extradural defect, attributed to assymetrically bulging disc tissue, osteophyte, and ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament."

Thanks so much for any input - also, if I did need surgery, how long until I can return to work (I work part-time, mostly sitting, and create my own hours)? I also have a toddler and 6 year old - I wonder how long until I will be able to care for my toddler by myself (put him into a carseat, change his diaper).

Thanks so much,
Lisa :eek:
:wave: Hi Lisa! Welcome to the board! I am 9 wks post-op ACDF C5-C6. I had severe cord compression with some of the same symptoms that you are experiencing. I am 30 yrs old and have 2 boys ages 3 & 9. I had a great neurosurgeon in PA. He totally took his time to explain everything and had a lot of experience with doing ACDF.

My toddler is 37 lbs and I am pretty much at the point where I don't think that I will be lifting him again. At this point the heaviest thing I can lift is a gallon of milk so it has been very difficult trying to care for a toddler. I made sure that I had plenty of help after surgery, only got 1 day in the hospital. It took my son some getting used too, and he had a hard time understanding what was going on. He is also a big cuddle bug so we explained to him about mommy's boo-boo and that he had to be extra careful. You will be able to have lap time as long as he can climb up. It was quite a few weeks before I could change him and we are in the middle of potty training so it has been interesting. Basically if he is being difficult I have to wait it out, can't just pick him up anymore and move him for naps, grocery trips, etc. So he has learned to get in and out of the carseat. I try to avoid taking him anywhere by myself around naptime because if he falls asleep in the car I can't carry him.

So you will learn a whole new way of doing things, and the big thing is not to overdo it. I had the hardest time just letting things go. My hubby has a whole different idea on cleaning, etc. My house does not look like it usually does but my main focus now is on me and to get healed so I have learned to overlook things and that the world will not end. Having this surgery has actually taught me a lot. I am no longer going to run in the rat race and this recovery time has taught me to slow down, enjoy the simple things and be grateful everyday for what I do have.....:)

Sorry to drag on. I hope that gives you some insight. I have learned a lot here, everyone has so much to offer! Keep us posted!! Best of luck!:angel:

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