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Even though I've had some pinched nerves diagnosed through an EMG, my problems have been mostly in my upper and lower back but don't show up on an MRI. I got sick of going to my orthopedist and want to find someone better since he wasn't doing much good and my spasms have decreased since I'm not carrying my kids around as much.

Over the last month or so I've noticed what I can only describe as feeling like a muscle or tendon is "clicking". Not audibly but it's a slight pain and then it feels like it moves and the pain goes away. I've never had any neck pain really although I've had stiff necks on occasion like everyone else. This is different though. It's the weirdest sensation. It's only on the left side, I don't feel any tenderness when I press there and it's happened a handful of times. It's right around my collarbone. I don't know it it's related to my spine at all but I figured I'd post on this board to see if anyone has had this experience. Thanks.
Hi there,

I was just reading your post from awhile back about something clicking in your neck near your collarbone. OMG - I have that. In fact, I have it all over my body now and they don't know what it is. It's getting worse and causing a lot of pain now (after a year of that clicking/snapping) and I was hoping maybe your doc figured yours out. I can make it snap/click just by tensing my neck muscles in front - like I'm pulling up/flexing my neck with those muscles. It clicks more at times, less at times, and still goes away at times. But, it's doing it more than ever, now and I'm getting scared. It feels like my ligaments are disintegrating in my entire body. The docs have no clue.

I go in for another full body bone scan and mRi's of my entire spine next week. Let me know how you're doing and if you've figured otu what causes that clicking in your neck.


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