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I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc (C6-7) in January '07. I just woke up one morning with severe pain in the left shoulder blade, pressure in the left shoulder and elbow, extreme weakness in the left tricep, and numbness in the forefinger and middle finger of my left hand. The pain subsided within a couple of weeks, but the other symptoms did not improve.

I had an epidural steroid injection at the beginning of February, but no improvement. I had an ACDF of C6-7 with donor bone and plate at the end of February. My surgery was performed by a neurosurgeon. I was in the hospital overnight. Following surgery, I wore a soft collar at all times with the exception of showering and sleeping for three weeks. My post-op is scheduled for next week. My only remaining symptom are very mild numbness in those two fingers and some weakness in the left arm. I am anticipating that I will have some physical therapy to rebuild the strength in the arm. My range of motion has diminished somewhat. I expect to return to work next week. Prior to surgery, I was pretty scared. It turned out much better than I had anticipated as I am currently feeling back to normal. This forum was an excellent source of information both prior to and after the surgery. I recommend you scan through some of the older threads as they contain good information also. Good luck.

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