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Hi, All,
I am having surgery soon. Just wanted to let you guys know. I had a 2nd opinion neurosurgeon and he thought, just like the first surgeon, that I need it ASAP. His first open date wasn't until May, but he squeezed me in next week. I told him that my pain is so unbearable and the vicodin just doesn't help all the time. Instead of giving me something stronger, he suggested I go on Prednisone, which I refused. I thought the last thing I need is to be irritable, bloated, and anxious about surgery all at the same time. I will just take the vicodin until the surgery.

I am having a one-level ACDF C5-6. He gave me the option of the artificial disc and said if anyone is a good candidate, I would be. He didn't try to push me to do it. I told him that I just wasn't comfortable with the lack of real long term data and with the technology likely changing over time. He thought it was a reasonable decision.

I am planning on going back to work 3 wks after - I have a very flexible job where I mostly sit. If I have to stay out longer, I will. He said a soft collar after surgery and percocet for pain.

I am relieved to go so for surgery so soon. I am so miserable. I almost want to go to the ER due to pain, but hold off bec I know they won't do much for me.

I really think you made the right decision not taking the prednisone so close to the surgery. It totally makes you much more vulnerable to getting an infection. Why chance it? I ended up taking a steroid right after my surgery because i had my surgery with a rip roaring sinus infection. My sinus Dr. told me not to have the surgery then, but the surgeon and anesthesiologist said I should. I really screwed up by not listening to the sinus Dr. I was so sick after my surgery from the sinuses, I hardly even knew I had neck surgery. The sinus infection made the whole ordeal a nightmare. My sinus Dr. refused to give me a steroid for my horrible swollen sinuses. The surgeon ended up giving them to me, even though it made me a sitting duck for any kind of infection. OY.

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