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Hi Rolex. Sorry you were in a car accident causing aggravation to your neck. Do you know if your implant was damaged or dislodged or whether your problems are stemming from another level? Sure hope you can get relief without any more surgical intervention.

The reason why I had to have so many levels operated on is this. After my C5-6 fusion, I had unusually rapid degeneration. C3-4, which was perfectly fine before the fusion, developed a disc/osteophyte complex with gross compression and flattening of the spinal cord and some neural foraminal stenosis. C4-5 had minimal spinal canal stenosis and the neural foraminal stenosis wasn't too bad, but because it was between two operated levels, they had to include that one too - but the discogram performed the day prior to surgery was actually very positive for pain and showed up as torn. C6-7 had mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis, but this level was degenerating significantly about every 9 months and had severe neural foraminal stenosis and I had radicular pain in the corresponding fingers. This level was also positive on discogram and the disc showed as torn. So - that's why so many levels required surgery - they were all pretty messed up.

I think I'm doing quite well, but still have to lie down after activities and feel increased pain after being up for a few hours and when my meds wear off. Unlike a couple of other people who have posted recently, I am not off meds yet. My pain is in my upper back, trapezii and shoulders, with tension type headaches, mostly very mild. The doctor's office advised me that this is completely normal and will last for about 2 to 3 months. Soma and Vicodin take care of this just fine, but I am also still on nerve pain meds (Neurontin and Topamax). I am trying to start weaning down on the Neurontin but it will take awhile as I've been on a pretty high dose (2700 mg daily). I'm also on amitryptiline and should probably start weaning down on that too, 100 mg. each night.

I can move my neck quite well in all directions. I think I'm doing very well, but not as well as the people who don't need any medications - I'm definitely not there, and I do need to alternate activities with lying down. Friday was 3 weeks since my surgery. I'm just really hoping this will help me long term - as I know we are all hoping.

I'm glad the Bryan implant has been helping you so much - 'till the car accident. Sure hope that calms down and you are 100% before too long. Thank you for your kind post and I wish you the very best in your recovery.

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